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The Witham Way

Witham Group are committed to being a responsible business. Our people are our biggest asset and Witham is committed to creating a positive and empowering work environment in which all employees feel valued for the work they do and the impact they make.

Everything we do is underpinned by the five principles of our business, or core values. We call these ‘THE WITHAM WAY’. In practice, each core value relates to the way our own business operates, how we treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and contacts. These cornerstones are the key fundamentals that make up our business.

By working as one whole team, we accomplish more together. We put the team ahead of personal success and all commit to building and improving all that we do. Our aim is to always do the right thing for the customer or the big picture despite the pressures of short term priorities.



  • Always putting people first
  • Always acting honestly and with integrity
  • Providing the best customer service we can
  • Manufacturing the best quality products
  • Having a strong work ethic
  • Being open and fair with our customers, employees and suppliers
  • Aiming to be the best at what we do
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technological advances
  • Having high standards of management processes and systems in place
  • Complying with all relevant laws as a minimum standard
  • Offering high quality technical expertise and support to our customers and distributors
  • Putting something back into our community by helping local charities and causes
  • Looking after our teams and having some fun along the way


  • Creating a happy and inclusive work force

  • Every employee is required to treat others with dignity and respect. This also applies to customers, suppliers and third parties

  • Maximising well-being for all our employees and keeping them up to date with what is going on

  • Complying with all applicable employment laws

  • Not tolerating any form of modern slavery or forced labour

  • Not accepting any form of bribery, including improper offers for payments, commissions or kickbacks in monetary or any other form, to or from employees

  • Operating with fair market behaviour and compliance with competition law

  • Transparency in our conduct of all relationships with customers and suppliers

  • Complying with relevant money laundering requirements

  • Operating within our Data Protection Policy ensure confidentiality of all data, personal employee and customer information and ensures all data is used purely for the intended purpose and never used for any personal or financial gain

  • Ensuring working hours comply with national laws

  • Offering a free professional Employee Support Service, with 24 hours availability for all employees

  • Professionalism in everyone’s conduct is required at all times


  • Working hard to put the environment at the heart of all that we do

  • Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy sets out what we continue to strive for which is to reduce our impact on the environment for today and tomorrow

  • Having clear objectives and aims across the business to improve our environmental credentials and set up competent and reliable measuring and monitoring systems

  • ISO 14001 is the basis of our management system for our environment and sustainability standards

  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations

  • Actively improving the efficiencies with finite resources such as energy, water and raw materials

  • Aiming to reduce energy usage across the business, having installed solar panels at our depots, harvested rainwater and drastically reduced the amount of gas in our manufacturing process by over 90% thanks to new technology

  • Continually developing more environmentally sensitive and biodegradable products

  • Inventing new technology to reduce energy and time in our production processes

  • Monitoring the amount of carbon our lorries produce and using low emission technology in our vehicle fleet

  • Operating several company cars on an electric or hybrid basis

  • Responsibly collecting and safely disposing of our waste materials is of great importance to us and we have invested in new machinery to help with cardboard waste as well as continually seeking out new recycling opportunities within the business

  • For full information please refer to our Environmental & Sustainability Policy


  • Fully complying with the Equality Act 2010 to ensure everyone is treated equally

  • Ensuring we maintain high standards of care for our employees and abide by all human rights and employment legislation as a minimum

  • Offering equal opportunities of employment to individuals

  • Nurturing a collaborative working environment

  • Ensuring every job role is valued

  • Ensuring all employees are chosen on the basis of their capabilities and qualifications

  • Being free of discriminatory or sexist language or behaviour

  • Having an ‘open door policy’ for all employees at all levels of management


  • Safety for us is everything

  • Ensuring our commitment to health and safety is inherent in all that we do

  • Adhering to our Health and Safety Policy and complying with all relevent laws as a minuimum

  • Ensuring all regulatory requirements for product safety, testing and labelling are adhered to

  • Proactively communicate potential hazards to all stakeholders and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents, including regular assessments and checking of operational risks and equipment

  • Continually assess raw materials, products and labelling to minimise risks

  • Keeping our employees fully trained and as up to date with health and safety information and procedures as best we can

  • Keeping our customers as safe as possible by providing up to date health and safety information on all our products

Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Company Statement

Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement for the Financial Year Ending March 2022.

Witham Group strives to ensure that it does not contribute towards adverse human rights impacts through its supply chains. There is an ongoing commitment to engage only those suppliers that uphold the same principles as Witham Group and where necessary ensure the implementation of corrective action measures. In the event that suppliers fail to take steps to cease or prevent adverse human rights impacts, Witham Group will reconsider its business relationships with those suppliers.

Witham Group sources a wide range of goods and services from suppliers based in the United Kingdom and some overseas. In all of its dealings with those suppliers it strives to ensure that the highest ethical standards are reached at all times. As part of this ongoing requirement, there will be increased focus on the requirement for a long-term commitment by those suppliers to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their own businesses and supply chains.

To download the full company statement please click here

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