Company History

Trading since 1921, Witham Oil and Paint Ltd is a privately owned family run business with its Head Office and lubricant manufacturing based in Lincoln. We also have trade and decorating distribution depots in Lowestoft, Suffolk and Soham, Cambridgeshire. The business is today collectively known as The Witham Group.

Company Profile
We are extremely proud of our heritage.  Over the past 95 years our family run business has grown from humble beginnings originally making cycle oil and candle wax, to become acclaimed manufacturers of a huge range of commercial lubricants and paints.

Today the Witham Group:

• Blends over 5 million litres of oil each year

• Distributes over 20,000 deliveries each year

• Has customers throughout the UK and abroad

• Recommended lubricant partner to the largest agricultural buying groups

• Works hard to improve the standards of the oil and lubrication industry

• Members of:   

We provide our vast range of reputable products to an enormous range of customers. Specialising in agriculture, automotive, haulage and motorsport industries, we also supply many other markets such as engineering, plant machinery, race circuits and pipework producers, all with reputable lubricants, greases, paints and coatings, anti-freeze and many other ancillary products.

Royal Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating very high standards in personal service, quality, excellence and innovation within each respective industry.  Companies can only reach that status through careful and efficient management.  There are around only 850 Royal Warrant Holders in the world representing companies from a huge cross section of trade and industry. 
They range from traditional crafts people to global and international firms operating at the cutting edge of technology.

Witham Oil and Paint Ltd are extremely proud to have been awarded the Royal Warrant for the goods and services we supply to HM The Queen. The Royal Warrant helps underline our company’s commitment to maintaining and building its 

reputation as producers of the finest quality lubricants and paints.  As members of the Royal Warrant Holders Association, we are united and committed to the highest standards of service and business excellence. 

Qualube is the Brand name for our range of quality lubricants, oils and greases. Qualube lubricants offer an extensive range of specific products for specific industry uses.  All our products meet the latest and highest Original Equipment Manufacturers approved requirements. They are designed to advance both the performance of the machinery as well as reduce the emissions, maintenance, and wear and tear of the working parts.  Driving further efficiencies in fuel economy our technical teams work hard in their laboratories to ensure the latest technologies maximise results whatever the application.

Our product range is for everyday use but applies to a whole range of specialist applications, from heavy duty engines and machinery to passenger car oils, agricultural lubricants and biodegradable products.  We make products for vintage and classic vehicles and supply a huge portfolio of greases and gear oils.

Our independence gives us the refreshingly personal and long term approach to customers and our service and flexibility on deliveries and order times are second to none.

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