Barn Paint

Woco Barn Paint provides excellent protection and improved appearance to exterior buildings , barns, stables, sheds, silos, windmills factory units, corrugated metal and all types of timber or metal cladding.

Long Lasting Protection 
Highly recommended to coat fencing, gates, farm equipment, tanks, drainpipes, doors, windows and many other areas around farms, factories, homes and gardens. Apply to previously painted surfaces, such as weathered bitumen, tar, varnish or creosote. This remarkable paint product can be applied straight onto previous painted surfaces, made from an acrylic resin system our Barn Paint offers a tough durable microporous protective coating with excellent colour retention. Flexible with the substrate, it reduces flaking and blistering providing a long lasting coverage. Exhibits fast drying and low odour properties.


Woco Barn Paint is supplied at the right viscosity to apply by brush, roller or spray. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants before the application process has begun. Do not apply at temperatures below 10˚C and make sure the product is stirred thoroughly before use. This product does not require a primer and is touch dry within two hours. After four hours, the product should be able to be re-coated with another layer of Woco Barn Paint if required. For plastics please try a small area first to ensure successful adhesion. Unweathered galvanised surfaces may need pre-treating first.

Available in the following choice of colours:


 The Benefits 
• Water based, low odour and non- toxic 
• Excellent adhesion onto a variety of surfaces 
• Available in 5 and 20 litre sizes 
• Colour choices available – Suffolk Black, Cley White, Blakeney Grey, Burnham Green, Scolt Stone & Aldeburgh Blue 
• Drying times at 20˚C: Surface dry 20 minutes, hard dry 2-3 hours - overcoat 3 hours.

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