Floor and Line Marking Paints

At Witham we specialise in floor paints and appreciate the importance of maintaining the smart appearance of your floors whatever they are made of. We provide highly reliable products for a wide variety of applications: workshop floors to veterinary clinics, showrooms to dairies, race tracks to tennis courts and factory floors to parking bays to name a few.


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Our Koverflor range of Floor paints and line marking paints are manufactured to aid cleaning, resist marking and stains and provide attractive long lasting finishes to hard worked areas. Available in a variety of popular colours our paints are easily applied giving a robust and hard wearing finish. Whichever product you choose you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality product that will provide the long lasting results.

Colour Range:
 Koverflor Range

Single Pack

Koverflor Polyurethane Floor Paint
A polyurethane based, quick drying, single pack oil and petrol resisting paint. Ideal or use on clean, dry mature concrete, brickwork, quarry tiles, stone, wood and linoleum. It gives a tough abrasion resistance finish and reliable on surfaces that are subject to hard wear. Using this product can also prevent a cement floor from ‘dusting up’. It is recommended for many uses but especially used in offices, corridors, show rooms and high pedestrian traffic areas.
TDS 462

Koverflor Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint
A rubber based floor paint for use on strongly alkaline surfaces, such as new concrete or where a high degree of chemical resistance is required. This product is ideal for use in chemical plants, water works, sewage installation, milking parlours, canteens, dairies and workshops, where resistance to chemicals, urine, acids, petrol and lubricating oils is important. An extremely robust paint, this is also ideal for agricultural uses, stables, kennels and catteries.
TDS 144

Twin Pack

Koverflor Epoxy Floor Paint
Gives an outstanding hardness and abrasion resistant coating. Designed to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, detergents, minerals, vegetable oils and the large majority of solvents. Can be used on new and mature concrete, quarry tiles and paving stones. A heavy duty coating resistant to heavy traffic.
TDS 461

Epoxy Water Based Floor Paint
A hard wearing, water based, solvent free two pack floor coating for use in areas of heavy traffic. I.e. fork lift trucks and vans. It contains no organic solvents and has only a low odour with no surface tackiness. This product can be applied to damp substrates and offers an extremely high level of abrasion resistance. It is also tolerant to aggressive cleaning methods and provides extremely good chemical resistance. Available in Eggshell or semi-gloss.
TDS 333

Line Marking & Safety Identification Paints

Chlorinated Rubber Based Line Marking Paint 
Designed for concrete surfaces only. This is extremely quick drying. Excellent to mark out hazards, roadways, parking bays, etc.
TDS 141 

Multi-Purpose Water Based Marking Paint 
For use as an economical multi-purpose line marking and identification paint. Suitable for use on concrete and block work paving. Available in white only.
TDS 409MP 



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