Marine and Anti-Fouling Paints

By using our boat paint solutions, including anti-fouling, boat primers, yacht varnish and more, we can not only help protect your boat, but also the environment. Whether it’s your weekend pride and joy or industrial fishing and cargo ships, we have tried and tested reliable products for every application. Top coats and glosses are designed to provide an enhanced cosmetic finish to the boat and provide a protective barrier against the elements that will attack the surface of the vessel.

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Single Pack Paint and Varnish

Marine Gloss
A high gloss finish for application to superstructures, topsides, masts and deck fittings. Non yellowing and highly resistant to sunlight and salt spray this paint can also be used for the interior of the craft.
TDS 230

Marine Undercoat
Designed for use on primed surfaces of metal, aluminium or wood, this is the ideal undercoat for Marine Gloss topcoat.
TDS 229

Non Slip Deck Paint
An alkyd based deck paint suitable for hard wearing areas and is most resistant to salt water and fuel spillages. This paint is recommended for commercial fishing boats and recreational vessels where a quality non slip coating is required.
TDS 226

Traditional Yacht Varnish
A flexible clear wood varnish with UV filtration properties. Heritage approved this varnish is suitable for a whole range of wooden marine applications.
TDS 422

Bilge Paint
This is a super chemical resistant alkyd gloss paint for use on both commercial and pleasure craft vessels. It can also be used for lockers and bulk heads.
TDS 387

Metallic Barrier Primer
Metallic Barrier Primer is based on a modified Chlorinated rubber binder for use on wood and steel. It is suitable as an underwater primer over prepared steel and a barrier coat under Anti fouling systems.
TDS 610

Vinyl Pitch Coating
A highly acidic and alkali resistant paint which in combination with coal tar pitch gives an extremely high build film.
TDS 406


Twin Pack Paint and Varnish

Polyurethane Enamel
A twin pack premium quality, high gloss coating. This product is extremely tough and durable and has excellent gloss retention properties and is ideal for use on all marine vessels.
TDS 220
TDS 451

Polyurethane Undercoat
A highly durable undercoat designed to go with the above Enamel top coat.
TDS 452
TDS 453

Non Slip Alkyd Deck Paint
This heavy duty paint gives outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance and is designed for use where heavy traffic, chemicals, detergents and many other solvents are used.
TDS 226

Anti-Fouling Paints

Antifouling is the most common (and most important) painting job carried out by boat owners. It is vital to protect your boat, as once fouling has a hold on your hull it will rapidly colonise the surface, making it difficult to remove. Applying an antifouling paint will prevent the attachment of fouling organisms, such as barnacles, weeds and slime, to the hull of your boat - a fouled hull can cause serious problems, therefore prevention is much better than cure.

Universal Anti Fouling Paint
Our Universal Anti fouling paint is based on a modified composition containing a high level of copper thiocyanate which provides good antifouling properties. Suitable for domestic and commercial vessels with aluminium, steel, wood or GRP hulls. This product can be used on vessels that will be immersed in salt or freshwater. Available in White, Black, Blue and Red.
TDS 612

Traditional Antifouling Paint
Designed for vessels with a maximum speed of 25-30 knots this economical protection is suitable for domestic and commercial vessels with steel, wood or GRP hulls and for us in either salt or freshwater. It contains a high level of copper oxide to achieve good antifouling properties. It is recommended that our Metallic Barrier primer is used underneath this product. Available in Red, Black, Green, Blue or Light Grey.
TDS 216

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