Vintage & Classic Range

A special vintage formula for your treasured classic.

Our Classic range of products has been designed for veteran and vintage vehicles that need a different approach to lubrication than those of the modern age. Our lubricant manufacturing business was established in 1921 and so we have grown with the unique specialist knowledge and understanding of how to provide the right lubricant for the right vehicle.

As engine technology has developed over the past 95 years, Witham has produced an outstanding range of specialist Classic oils and brake fluids which are carefully made to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. Trusted and preferred by many vintage vehicle societies and individual discerning owners, we know all our products carry the highest reputation and will help provide the upmost care for your classic vehicle.

We avoid using modern day harsh additives, instead we use quality raw materials which provide sensitive yet effective protection to the engine and longevity of performance. So whether its engine oil, brake fluid, or gear oil you need, we have the trusted products in this range to drive your special treasured vintage or veteran classics far into the future.

Available in either vintage classic tins or modern plastic containers, our lubricants are available in 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre or 200 litre barrels for workshops and bulk orders. Don’t forget we can also provide you with many other vehicle care products, restoration and touch up paint.

Classic Engine Oils

Qualube Classic Mono Grade Oil
This lubricant has been manufactured by our company since 1921, to the tried and tested formulas of their day. These non-treated products have no detergent/dispersant additive packs and are specifically designed for vehicles that typically require API SA or CA level of performance. Available in SAE 20, 30, 40 & 50 viscosities.

Qualube Classic 20W/50 Engine Oil
Used in many modern classic engines, this top quality mineral oil is tailored to provide excellent component protection whilst ensuring both additive and ZDDP levels (typically in excess of 1200ppm) are appropriate and sympathetic for today’s modern classics. Meets the following performance levels: API SJ/CH-4/CF & API SJ/CF-4/CF. This product can be used in both petrol and diesel applications. (Dyed Green).

Qualube Classic 20W/60 Engine Oil
Specifically designed for classic vehicles that require a higher “top end” viscosity product to help combat low oil pressure or consumption. Tailored to provide excellent component protection whilst ensuring additive and ZDDP levels (typically in excess of 1200ppm) are sympathetic and appropriate for today’s modern classics. This product can be used in both petrol and diesel applications. (Dyed Green).

Qualube Classic Running In Oil
Formulated to provide lubrication during the initial critical ‘running-in’ period of new or re-built engines. This product allows controlled ‘bedding-in’ of pistons and cylinder liners that helps prevent glazing which can lead to loss of oil pressure and increased consumption. After running in, we recommend the use of our Qualube Classic oil range to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the engine.

Qualube Classic Two Stroke Oil
Suitable for use in most two stroke engines where leaded or unleaded petrol is used. Blended to an ISO 100 Viscosity Grade preferred in many classic applications and meeting API TC, this low ash formulation also ensures deposits are kept to an absolute minimum whilst giving proven performance and protection.

Qualube Classic MINI Oil - 20W/50
This is mineral based engine oil specifically developed for use in combined engine and gearbox applications. Giving a longer life for gears and bearings and improved gear change quality -this is the best possible oil for discerning Mini Owners that require a dedicated fluid to protect their vehicle. Meets the following performance levels: API SJ/CH-4/CF & API SJ/CF-4/CF Qualube Classic MINI 20W/50 contains the perfect balance of additives to give high levels of protection, whilst excluding modern levels of detergent and dispersant.

Qualube Classic Steam Cylinder Oil
Qualube Classic Steam Cylinder Oil is refined to give excellent film strength at very high temperatures, which in turn provides excellent lubrication where needed to protect bores and valves. Non-compounded and processing superior resistance to oxidation, this product also exhibits low deposit forming characteristics under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Coupled with strong demulsification characteristics separating quickly and cleanly from water Qualube Classic Steam Cylinder Oil is ideal for use in vintage steam applications.

Classic Brake Fluids 

Qualube Classic Brake Fluid – DOT 4 
Brake Fluids are essential to the safety and working parts of any braking system. Certainly the most commonly used brake fluid in use today, due to its wide use in the automotive industry, is DOT fluid. Brake fluids are classified by their physical properties. The standards in the US come from the Department of Transportation, which is where the “DOT” in the brake fluid classification DOT 3, DOT4, etc. comes from. Our popular DOT 4 brake fluid is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems. Widely used in many vintage engines it is compatible with all other non-mineral brake fluids manufactured to meet the performance requirements of SAE J1703 and FMVSS 116.

Qualube Classic LHM Plus Fluid 
This is a green mineral based, hydraulic fluid specially developed for Citroën cars. Miscible in all proportions with LHM and the mineral hydraulic fluids which matched the old Citroën specifications. Special additives in the formulation protect against the common problem of sludge formation and consequential filter blocking. LHM Plus is fully compatible with all system parts and will not cause deterioration of the internal parts, seals or hoses. The product has an exceptionally high viscosity index, very low pour point and high stability. It has excellent lubricating properties and offers very good protection against pump wear and corrosion. Meets PSA Peugeot Citroën specification B71 2710, Ford ESN M6C 59A and ISO 7308.

Classic Agricultural Oil 

Qualube Classic Universal Oil 
This formulation has been manufactured by us since 1921 and has been used in numerous vintage tractors over that time. Predating the more modern “Super Universal” lubricants it is especially for tractors without wet brakes. Using a specially selected additive treatment it avoids harsh detergent and dispersant levels whilst giving excellent protection to both the engine and transmission. Formulated in a 20W/30 viscosity grade which is preferred by these vintage tractors this product will give adequate protection whether “ticking over” at a show, taking part in a “rally run” or, as it was designed to do, working the land.

Classic Gear Oils 

Qualube Classic EP GL4 Gear Oil 
Manufactured in both multi grade and mono grade gear grades to exceed the API GL4 requirement of an extreme pressure oil. Available in SAE 80, 90, 140, 80W/90, 85W/140. Safe for use where yellow metals are present, this classic gear oil balances excellent boundary lubrication with a balanced additive pack to both protect and preserve. 

Qualube Classic Hypoid GL5 Gear Oil
Most lubricants for manual gearboxes and differentials are hypoid gear oils. These contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and anti-wear additives to cope with the sliding action of hypoid bevel gears. This is a high quality gear oil suitable for heavy duty lubrication on hypoid rear axles. Available in SAE 80, 90, 140, 80W90 & 85W/140 viscosities.

Qualube Classic Straight Gear Oil
A gear oil suitable for older gear boxes and transmissions where an additive free lubricant is specified. Available as grades SAE 90 & 140 viscosities. API GL-1 Qualube Classic Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil 75W/90 Suitable for gear boxes and transmissions, this classic product is targeted at more modern classic applications where a 75W/90 viscosity grade is required. Fulfilling both the API GL-4 and GL-5 specifications allows this product to be used in both transmissions and gearbox applications.

Qualube Classic Limited Slip HD EP 90
Limited Slip Differentials have very specific requirements and require dedicated fluids to perform as designed. As well as offering very high load carrying capability, this heavy duty extreme pressure gear oil product will protect against rust and corrosion and has a low foaming tendency. Standard API GL-5 gear oils are unable to cope with this extreme condition and therefore it necessary to use the correct limited slip differential oil to promote long component life. Classic Limited Slip HD EP 90 can also be used in normal API GL-5 applications requiring this viscosity grade.

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Classic Protective Lubricants

Our Prolan range of lubricants offer natural, long-lasting protection against rust on all vintage and classic vehicles. Corrosion can be a huge problem on older vehicles and this range of lanolin based lubricants offers unbeatable defence without any harmful chemicals. 

Prolan is made with lanolin derived from sheep’s wool which is a powerful natural barrier to moisture and rust. Prolan lubricants provide the ultimate coating and its natural water repelling properties ensure metal work and electrical components are safeguarded which in turn extend the life of your classic or vintage vehicle.

Spray Prolan on chassis underbodies and wiring systems to protect vehicles from road pollution, mud and corrosive chemicals. It is ideal as a general workshop lubricant to eliminate the need for multiple products, saving you time and money.  

The Prolan lubricant range is available in three strengths and viscosities. 


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