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Prolan lanolin lubricants

Prolan lanolin lubricants and corrosion inhibitors are truly remarkable products for use in the fight against corrosion. These lubricants will ensure that you extend the longevity of all your equipment and loosen rusted parts with outstanding lubrication. This range also provides overall protection of metal surfaces and electrical components. By using Prolan you will save valuable time and money by reducing maintenance and the cost of replacement as well as helping the environment around you and your business.

Why Prolan?

prolan Long lasting protection
Prolan products are made with lanolin derived from sheep’s wool. Lanolin is a powerful natural product used for centuries as a natural moisturiser and protector.  Lanolin's strong lubricating and protective qualities have been used to outstanding effect in industry, particularly on metal surfaces and moving parts, by forming a long lasting natural barrier that protects and prevents corrosion.   Prolan anti-seize grease has been proven to last up to 30 years, even against exposure to salt water, mud, fertiliser and pesticides.

prolan Environmentally friendly
Our planet is under threat from the long term use of chemicals. Many customers require a high quality lubricant but now wish to have a more environmentally safe product on their machinery to protect their staff and the environment in which they work. Lubricants and other chemicals can affect areas such as agricultural fields, waterways and forests. Prolan products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable – making them safe for the environment and good for health and well-being.

prolan Multi-purpose
Prolan protects metal, wood, rubber and electrical components from rust and corrosion.  One aerosol can of Prolan liquid lubricant can replace a multitude of other workshop lubricants to protect many different things.

prolan Food and water safe
These lanolin based lubricants have gained a number of International Food Safety Approvals and in the UK are NSF approved for both H1 and H2 requirements. This means they are certified as approved ‘food-grade lubricants’ and can be used in sensitive environments such as food and drinking water processing industries.





Great for preserving, lubricating and protecting all agricultural equipment such as tractors, ploughs, sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, 4WDs. Protects against fertiliser corrosion and manure. Ideal for a whole variety of uses on the farm.


These lubricants have a unique formula which allows the high capillary action to penetrate into moving parts and double chassis skins that are especially vulnerable to corrosion, forming a thick and durable anti-corrosive layer. Prolan stops rust forming even in places you can’t reach. Spray Prolan lubricant on truck underbodies and wiring systems, and allow it’s natural water-repelling properties to help protect vehicles from water, mud and corrosive chemicals.


Prolan can be used on vehicle chassis, panel work, frames, pins and bushes. It can easily double the life of a quad bike as they generally are replaced due to the frame rusting out.


Excellent on boats, trailers, inside boat motors (eliminates deterioration of rubber and wiring components), fishing gear, any aluminium or stainless steel fittings. Stays on in harsh sand and salt environments. Easily gets salted parts moving.


Prolan products are non-conductive so can be used on circuit boards, battery terminals, connections and electrical wiring.

Wood Protection

Prolan is predominantly made of lanolin with some added linseed which makes it an excellent wood preserver as the linseed soaks in drawing the lanolin with it. The lanolin protects the wood from moisture and prevents rot. It also acts as an anti-bacterial barrier preventing greening and moss. It’s a safe alternative to creosote, and other wood preservatives, having no impact on flora, fauna or children.


Unbeatable general workshop lubricant for use on nuts, bolts, chains, threads, rubber seals, welding, drilling, cutting, hinges, handles, springs and coils.

Home Use

Sporting equipment, bicycles, caravans, guns, window frames, locks, lawnmowers and gardening equipment.


Cranes, barges, harbour equipment, diggers, loaders, wind turbines, all plant machinery, factories, production lines, quarry equipment and much more.

Available in 3 strengths and viscosities

Prolan Anti-Seize Grease

Available in 500ml, 4 litre and 100ml
  • An incredibly long lasting grease that saves time and money on multiple re-application
  • Proven to last up to 30 years
  • Protects metal, rubber and battery terminals from corrosion caused by water, moisture, acid and salt
  • Extremely good anti-seize for prevention of galling on stainless steel threads
  • Lifts rust scale, cleans metal and frees up seized parts
  • Can be used in and around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Internationally certified by NSF for worldwide certification in food processing industries

Prolan Heavy Grade Lubricant

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre and 400ml
  • Long lasting rust protection for vehicles and machinery - saves time on re-application
  • Stays on in harsh conditions (sand, salt, mud, fertiliser)
  • Great for agriculture and horticulture
  • Increases machinery life and resale value
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Internationally certified by NSF for worldwide certification in food processing industries

Prolan Medium Grade Lubricant

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre and 250ml
  • Multi-purpose general workshop lubricant for rust protection
  • Resists acids and alkalis
  • Frees up frozen components, padlocks, hinges, fasteners, door handles and tools
  • Internal motor component preservation – safe inside boat motors
  • Lubricant for drilling, cutting, machining and pressing
  • Electrical wiring and connections, non-conductive up to 70KV, won’t break down rubber or wiring
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Internationally certified by NSF for worldwide certification in food processing industries

Prolan greases and liquid lubricants are easy and safe to apply either using an aerosol, trigger pack sprayer, paint brush or simply wiping onto surfaces as required. The product is a light brown, waxy colour which leaves a slightly tacky finish.

 Outstanding protection...

...for everyday use in agriculture, industry, workshops and the home without the harmful chemicals. For hinges, handles, caps, chains, wire brushes, nuts and bolts, springs and coils, trailers, caravans, lorries, wind turbines, tools and equipment, wood, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, iron, vehicles, boats, machinery, food manufacturing, catering equipment, electrical components and much more!

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