Qualguard Hybrid Concentrated Coolant

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Qualube Qualguard Hybrid Coolant – mixed with the appropriate amount of water – is used as a cooling and heat transferring fluid in combustion engines and in particular for heavy duty applications. Excessive heat is transferred via the fluid to the radiator where the mixture is cooled by means of airflow. Qualube Qualguard Hybrid Coolant is a phosphate-free ethylene glycol coolant based on low silicate technology in combination with nitrite and molybdate.

This product has been specially designed for heavy-duty engine coolants and may be used with confidence in engines manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combinations of the two metals and in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys. It is suitable for petrol, diesel and natural gas powered automotive and industrial engines and is particularly recommended for heavy duty engines where high temperature aluminium protection is important.

Qualube Qualguard Hybrid Coolant provides maintenance free protection against freezing and boiling and offers many benefits to the engine designer as well as the user:

• Effective corrosion protection optimized inhibitor package
• Excellent pitting protection for wet sleeve cylinder liners
• Aluminium protection high performance additives
• Uniform and homogenous protective layer engineered low-silicate inhibitor package
• No gel formation or drop out performing silicate stabilizer
• No scale formation phosphate free inhibitor package

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